What’s Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

What’s your position says about your relationship: is so commonplace that nobody seems to pay more attention to it, how we sleep, for example, in what positions and why they are comfortable for us? These are some couple sleep positions that can answer some subtle about our likes, character references, or preferences.

1. Spoon during sleep

This is a common position and is really nice and nice, but it also tells us something else. The big spoon (the one hugging from behind) is the one who is more dominant in the relationship, and the one who offers affection, support, protection, while the little spoon (the hugged one) receives more passive or the affection of dominance.

What's Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship Relationships  sleeping position sleeping relationship position About

2. A sleep against his / her chest

Couples who exercise this position manifest pure love. This position is more common when the partners are newly married: it creates a sense of protection and trust and strengthens the relationship.

3. Spoon at the edge of the bed

When one person moves away, the other follows until he spoon at the edge of the bed. When they follow their partner as they sleep, there is a high level of commitment, and with that position, the subconscious of the partner actually says they will support each other in good and bad times.

What's Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship Relationships  sleeping position sleeping relationship position About

4. Tucked up

Couples who clasp their legs, arms and hands while keeping their faces close together reveal their intense passion for each other. This position can also signal an emotional and physical dependence on your partner.

5. Hold hands

Couples with a strong and long can hold their hands during sleep. They hold their partner’s hand and signal that they will be with them until the end of time. They are really always at your side, and your relationship would never fail.

6. Sleep in back to back

Contrary to what you may think, this position says that the partners are very secure in their and partner so they sleep on their own side. They are completely interconnected as a couple and trust each other completely, even while asleep.

7. Sleep on opposite sides

on opposite sides shows a healthy independence. Both partners feel relaxed and happy together. They accept each other and show deep understanding. This position is for those couples who are newly contracted or have 1 year in the relationship.

8. Touching feet

This position reveals several things: when a person seeks contact, they want to be emotionally and physically intimate, on the other hand, it can be a negative experience if the other person does not react in the same way, to the touch of their partner. When a couple wraps their feet, they show that they are making decisions together.

9. The room picker

The person who normally occupies most of the bed and leaves little room for the partner, signals that the person in the is selfish and does not appreciate or respect their partner.

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