Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet is considered a miracle diet for many to lose weight fast. But what makes this extreme diet and what advantages and disadvantages does it bring?

A ketogenic diet is a form of low carb diet. It is characterized by an extremely low carbohydrate and very high-fat diet. Due to the carbohydrate deficiency, the metabolism changes and gets into the so-called “ketosis”.

Normally, the body gains energy from the dietary carbohydrates – so it depends on carbohydrate intake. If these carbohydrates are lacking as an energy source, the body needs to help elsewhere.

In the liver, fats are then converted into so-called ketone bodies, which are used instead of carbohydrates to generate energy and, for example, preserve the brain’s capacity. This state of energy production is called “ketosis” and is the principle on which the ketogenic diet is based.

What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet?
Such an extreme renunciation should not be in vain. So what is the background of this diet? Here are the benefits of this diet.

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