Weakening: Strict diets to quickly lose weight, then take revenge with the JoJo effect, you are finally fed up? Very good, because you lose excess pounds better with a balanced diet change, as VidaVida suggests. A healthy decrease without JoJo effect takes time, so that the desired figure is permanent. This is the best way to do it …

Up, down, up
Unfortunately, the JoJo effect often comes after the lightning diet. Often, the pounds actually tumble, if you are allowed to eat only three times a day a sparrows portion and complete a decent sports program. This is feasible for most of us for a limited time. But we can not and do not want to maintain such efforts for a lifetime. After a while not only the old habits and quantities come back, but also the pounds. So why is it so difficult to keep the desired or even dreamed desired weight? The vicious circle between diet and subsequent yo-yo effect is only broken if you change your mind.

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