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Pregnancy and Sports

Pregnancy is a sporting challenge for a woman’s body. The development of the unborn child requires the cooperation of all the body’s own systems, just as all activities do. The cardiovascular system, metabolism, respiration and the entire musculo-skeletal system are increasingly stressed in these 40 weeks.

Pregnancy and Sports Male For Mother Life  sports Pregnancy

supports the stressed skeletal system, can reduce the frequently occurring back pain and stimulates circulation and metabolism. The ideal supplement to this challenge is endurance because they provide energy, help reduce and increase stamina and self-confidence – ideal for the finale: birth. Swinging in the womb promotes the development of the child, especially the sensory organs.

Pregnancy and Sports Male For Mother Life  sports Pregnancy

The future mothers helps movement to a better posture. The typical pregnancy disorders, such as calf cramps, venous congestion and hemorrhoids is prevented. In addition, a good body feeling lifts the mood.

Which Sports?

The most suitable endurance sports include aquajogging, jogging, cycling, aqua fitness, swimming, dancing, walking and Nordic walking. The decisive factor is that is regularly carried out over a longer period of time, not just occasionally, briefly and vigorously. Because endurance training not only improves the condition, the heart and lungs also work more economically and pump more blood into the circulation per heartbeat, so that the maternal and child organism is optimally supplied with oxygen.

Having exercised pregnancy is optimal. But even for muffle it is worth a jerk and do something for their own health and that of the child.

Pregnancy and Sports Male For Mother Life  sports Pregnancy


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