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Know your Body Type and Build it Accordingly

Know your Body it Accordingly, While taking an appropriate product is so important for bodybuilding, training your body according to your body type is also equally important. In which category of body type do you fall into? How to find this? Reading the following article to know about it and determining the type of your body, frame your bodybuilding program likewise. Now, continue reading. Remember that unless you workout as per your body type, you will not get any good results.

Three Basics Types:

Now, know about the three basic body types here


A person will be called this way if he/she has a soft body with underdeveloped muscles. The of the body will be almost round in these persons. Most often, these people would have an over-developed digestive system and they would often find it difficult to lose their weight. Also, these people would generally gain muscles much easily.

These people strictly follow their diet and exercises in order to build their body perfectly. To start off, go for smaller meals and eat them several times in a day. The best exercise to start is your aerobic activities. This should be regular and you must do these for a minimum of thirty in a day for five to seven days in a week. You can implement your training from thereby.


These are the people with harder muscular bodies and they would appear more matured than they actually are. Most often, these people would have thicker skin and they would always show an upright posture. These people could easily gain, as well as lose their weights. If you are a mesomorph, you could build your muscles quickly.

If you fall into this category, you must work hard to take a balanced diet. In this, you must remember to limit your fat intake to about 20% across your four to six meals in a given day. Your exercise include ‘resistance training’ which you need to do at least two or three times in a week. Also, you must include your aerobic exercises.


These are the people who are so thin and would have a flatter chest. Their bodies will be so delicate and they would appear younger than they are. These people would be taller and would have stoop shoulders. In general, these people would find it difficult to gain their muscles.

In order to build muscles, these people need to take more calories. But, they shouldn’t be taken as larger meals but as several smaller meals. On an average, you need to add at least 500 to 1000 more calories in a day for five to seven days. When it comes to exercises, you need to choose compound moves. This way, you are trying to build more than one muscle group at a time thereby allowing lots of recovery time. The best exercises could be:

  • Deadlift
  • Incline bench press
  • Squats
  • Shoulder press

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