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DIY Anti-Aging Cream

DIY anti- cream- Ingredients for skin cream 40+

4 g beeswax, 4 g shea butter, 4 g wool wax (pesticide free & anhydrous “lanolin anhydride”) – total: 12 g.
Beeswax serves as a consistency regulator in the cream. It has an antibacterial, skin-regenerating effect and contains vitamin A, which supports the cell structure and stimulates collagen formation. Wool wax acts as an emulsifier and combines the fat and water in the cream. It has a skin-conditioning and protective effect. Shea butter works against skin aging.


18 g almond oil + 1 teaspoon rosehip seed, 10 g poppy seed oil, 10 g jojoba oil – total: 38 g
Almond oil is suitable for all skin types, is used for the care of sensitive baby skin and acts u.a. moisturizing. The seeds of the rose hips are extracted in the oil and serve in our cream as an anti-wrinkle remedy. Poppy seed oil is known as the anti- oil and contains many antioxidants. Jojoba oil is actually one of the waxes, regulates the acid mantle of the skin and moisturizes. It contains vitamin E, which protects against premature aging.

10 g rose tincture, 40 g rose hydrolate – total: 50 g


Depending on your preference you can scent the finished cream with oils, recommended are 3 drops on 100 g cream -. Rose, lavender, tangerine.

Preparing the oil extract: First chop the rosehip seeds small. Then weigh the almond oil into a heat-resistant glass and add the shredded rosehip seeds. Cover the glass with a cling film and leave overnight (at least 12 hours). Whenever possible, gently shake the glass again and again so that the ingredients dissolve well.

DIY Anti-Aging Cream Natural Skin Care  natural anti aging cream DIY Anti-Aging Cream cream aging  Preparation

Prepare the required materials the next day, clean and disinfect the utensils and glasses.
Oil extract: Warm the almond oil with the rosehip seeds in a water bath for half an hour. This is best done in a pot with steamer insert. Important: Do not overheat, this will damage the oil.
Inject the ingredients: in the meantime, weigh the beeswax and the wool wax into a pot (tip: Enameled pot with beak).

The shea butter is weighed into an extra glass, as it must not be heated up. Weigh the jojoba oil into a heat-resistant glass and place it in a water bath. Weigh out the poppy seed oil separately, it is not heated, but comes shortly to the end of the remaining oils. Weigh the tincture and the hydrolate in another heat-resistant glass and briefly add to the water bath to bring it to the same temperature as the oils.

Straining: After half an hour, strain the almond oil through a tea filter.
Melt waxes: melt beeswax and wool wax in the pot. At the very end, add the shea butter to the molten beeswax and wool wax and melt with little heat.

Merging: Add the jojoba oil to the almond oil, and finally the poppy seed oil. Add the oil mixture to the melted waxes and stir. Finally add the tincture and the hydrolate slowly (important!) And mix everything with the hand blender until the liquids combine and emulsify.

Fragrances: Finally, a few drops of oil are added as needed – e.g. Rose.
Bottling: Now you fill the finished face cream in the cleaned glasses or ointment boxes. It is important to leave the covers open for a short time so that no condensation liquid is formed!

Tip: You can buy all the ingredients for your skin cream in the pharmacy or in the specialized trade for self-made cosmetics.

DIY Anti-Aging Cream Natural Skin Care  natural anti aging cream DIY Anti-Aging Cream cream aging

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