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Best 17 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes You can Make at Home

Best 17 Delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes You can Make at Home, Healthy breakfast wakes up your metabolism and tells your body to start burning fat. It is essential for your kids, and cont to what you think, eating a healthy breakfast may also help you lose weight. Healthy breakfast also gives your body and your brain the boost it needs to get you through the day. As many experts said it is the most important meal of the day, supplying you with the calories needed to rev up your energy and get you moving.Making your own healthy breakfast at home is a fun and affordable way to be healthy and boost your creativity. 😆

Be sure to leave your comments at the end of this post sharing YOUR favorite Healthy breakfast and make sure you visit each blogger and leave a comment thanking them for sharing their delicious breakfast recipes.
Vegan & Gluten-Free Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat PancakesVegan & Gluten-Free Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

Pancakes are quite possibly one of the easiest things to prepare on a weekend. As Angela said it is a food you can prepared successfully while half asleep 🙂 . She made these a couple weekends ago when she was feeling bored of her usual pancakes and she has since made 4 batches. They are not only gluten-free and vegan, but they hold together perfectly and taste incredible, even plain.

For the full recipe and step-by-step instructions, visit

Banana-Hemp-GranolaBanana Hemp Granola From

This recipe is very delicious and healthy, banana is rich of nutrition and this recipe gets many good comments. I think you try it at home. it is also very easy to make 🙂
For the full Banana Hemp Granola recipe, visit

Banana-Coconut-Milk-Steel-Cut OatmealOvernight, Slow Cooker, Banana & Coconut Milk Steel-Cut Oatmeal from

This cooks while you sleep, so you can wake up to the aroma of a delicious, ready-to-eat breakfast. The oats, flax seed, bananas, and coconut milk will give you the fuel to keep going all morning. It’s lactose free and vegan, too.

Last year Monica shared two recipes for Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats, one was apple-cinnamon and the other was cherry-almond. They are healthy, hearty breakfasts that have been very popular with her readers. So she thought it was time to try out a new flavor. Today’s recipe turns out to be her favorite so far. Totally yummy, filling, and good for you. Visit her at for the full recipes.

blueberries-n-cream-amaranth-porridgeBlueberries ‘n’ Cream Amaranth from

Erin had high hopes. The little power packed seed came from such a beautiful herb -how could it not be wonderful? she had a whole meal planned out for it but it flopped. Before she knew it, she had a pot full of mush and tiny amaranth seeds all over my kitchen.

One chance and she was done. she had been happy I had tackled so much out of the bulk bin that one “failure” wasn’t going to hurt. she moved on and shoved her amaranth to the back of the cupboard.

Then she ran across this pumpkin pie on Sarah’s blog (her New Roots). Was she ready to give amaranth a second chance? find out the full recipe and instructions at

Green-Veggie-PancakesGreen Veggie Pancakes from

Whenever you have leftover vegetables (or flat out botch a recipe like Catherine did), the addition of an egg, flour and some herbs can turn a mistake into one of the most delicious and happiest of accidents. Case in point are these Green Veggie Patties. They work great as a side dish or even on their own for lunch or a snack. Add any one of a variety of dips or sauces and things get even more fun. They are easy to make, fun to eat and perfect for the whole family….whether you intend to make them or not!
For the full recipe and instructions, visit

pumpkin-pie-amaranth-porridgePumpkin Pie Amaranth from

The idea for this delectable came from the desire to shake up Sarah own amaranth routine. She used to love making it for breakfast, but she has lost interest recycling the same old flavours and toppings. Since my Banana Bread Pancakes were such a hit, She got to thinking about “dessert for breakfast”, and Pumpkin Pie Amaranth Porridge was born.

want to know her full recipe? find out at

Apple-Cinnamon-OatmealApple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal from

This oatmeal is the quintessential cold weather breakfast. Make up a big batch of this and you will never need to grab one of those overly sweetened little packets of instant oats again. Besides if you are like me then you want to taste all of the full bodied flavors of the oats, fruit, cinnamon and spice. Not just sugar and quick cooked overly processed oats.

For the full ingredients list and instructions, visit

apple pie breakfastApple Pie Breakfast from

jax from cookingwithjax has a fantastic Apple Pie Breakfast recipe. It requires just five ingredients: steel cut oats, apples, apple juice, cinnamon and water.

Once cooked, this recipe keeps very well in the fridge for a couple of days. She and her husband eat for three mornings in a row when she make this recipe. find out this fantastic full recipe at

Cinnamon-WafflesCake Mix Cinnamon Waffles With Cinnamon Roll Glaze from

To tell you the truth, I always love waffles for breakfast, have tried many recipes and just a few days ago I stumbled upon a blog post revealing how to make Waffles With Cinnamon Roll Glaze, it is very simple and delicious, I think you give it a shot.
For Full step by step instruction, find it at

Coconut Cookie Dough OatmealCoconut Cookie Dough Oatmeal from

Looking for coconut cookie recipes? and if you are a Coconut lovers, this is one of recipes I will always recommend for you, it offer a flavor variation everyone will love and it is easy to make and very tasty. Find out more recipe form katie and full instruction for this recipe at her site

Tacos_With_Avocado_Radish_SalsaBreakfast Tacos With Avocado Radish Salsa From

If you’re craving some south of the border flavor, you’ve come to the right place. As you know building the perfect taco is a very personal task and if you are looking for tasty taco recipes to impress the family? here is an amazing dish that kids are sure to love.

Taco is a find budget food recipes that are easy, quick and healthy it is becoming popular all over the country for their light yet zesty flavors. Now you can make them at home. This lightened recipes turn up the heat, but keep the calorie count low. If you want to try this recipe right away, visit for full instruction

Grilled Cheese Easter EggsGrilled Cheese Easter Eggs form

This is the most simple recipe I have ever seen, but it also taste good, you can serve it for your family party and your kids will surely love this egg. especially for people who love cheese. it is very healthy for breakfast, the kids can take it to school. just give it a try.

For the step by step instruction, please visit

Baked-Oatmeal-RecipeBaked Oatmeal with Strawberries, Banana and Chocolate from

This easy recipe for baked oatmeal can be made the night before or an hour before serving. It freezes well and is a hit with picky palates. Serve for breakfast or dessert

As already mentioned, this is an easy recipe, the dry ingredients are mixed and added to a baking dish then wet ingredients are whisked and then poured over the dry. There are many options for substitutions in this baked oatmeal recipe. Get full recipes and see the video at

Cheddar-Apple-OatmealApple Cheddar Oatmeal from

Look forward to your morning meals with these fun but healthy twists to your usual bowl of oats. Oatmeal is the stereotypical healthy breakfast, but it can be boring if you don’t make it delicious. but you can banish breakfast boredom with a tasty bowl of cholesterol-lowering oatmeal. These delightful and surprising oatmeal recipes are low in fat and calories. Find out one quick idea to help make “boring old oatmeal” appeal to the masses at with the full recipe

banana breadGreek Yogurt Strawberry Banana Bread from

This banana bread is deliciously moist and is extremely easy to throw together. Friends and family love this banana bread – it’s wonderful toasted, too. I’ve tried many other banana bread recipes just to make sure this is the best one and it truly is!
if you want to know more this recipe, find out the full and step by step instruction at

Chocolate Banana OatsChocolate Banana Oats from

I know I’ve said this before (and probably more than once), but I really, really love oatmeal. For breakfast most mornings, I have a big fluffy bowl.

Rich and flavorful, start your day with this unbelievably delicious oatmeal recipe. you just need five minutes to make it. A simple oatmeal with thinly sliced banana and chocolate almond milk to make it extra special. Try this deliciously healthy Chocolate Banana Oat for breakfast! For full recipe visit

Coco-nutty Cream OatmealCoco-nutty Cream Oatmeal from

This one of the oatmeal recipe I stumbled upon on my search for variation for my family breakfast, to tell you the truth, I am the one who always cook, my wife just help me from beside ( I love cooking). If you are like me who love to have healthy breakfast, find out the full recipe at

separatorI hope this blog post has shared a few ideas for things you can make for healthy breakfast. If you want to explore more ideas and recipes, I suggest you to read this recipe book.

paleo recipe book

Give the recipes shared in this post a go and share your favorite Healthy Breakfast by leaving a comment below.

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