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30 Beautiful Bridal Make-up Ideas

30 Beautiful Make-up Ideas:  Wedding dress, accessories, wedding hairstyle and, above all, the right make-up are the perfect bridal styling, and that’s quite a challenge. It has to fit perfectly to the skin type as well as the style of the bride, not too much or too decent and above all, it has to last a long time.

Also, the selection of the right styling products is not so easy if you have not already found his favorite brand. In order for the result to fit in the end, it often takes several sessions with the make-up artist. We deliver you beautiful ideas and inspirations for your styling.

30 beautiful make-up ideas and styling tips for 2019

Bride make-up discreet and natural

A subtle make-up with little color and glitter is perfect for brides who want to retain or even emphasize their natural look. You do not even believe how expensive it is to make-up so that it looks perfect and yet unvarnished.

Here it is up to you to decide how subtle it really be. However, if you invest in a professional make-up artist, it should look after a little more than after your daily make-up. Especially because you do not recognize it on the photos, because you need more MORE for photo-suitable styling.

Smoky eyes – but not too smoky

Even smoky eyes can look beautiful and mysterious to the wedding dress – but please for a wedding suitable and no dark cat eyes for the disco. Anyone who dares to paint should true to his type and do no experiments during the big day. For example, if you make up natural shades in your everyday life, you choose different shades of brown and not switch to cold tones. Also make sure that the contrast with the white dress is not too hard.

styling with eyeliner

An eyeliner provides expressive eyes. This one not be applied too thick or cat-like. Again, the style must fit. You marry and have no appearance on the red carpet.

From light to dark

For those who can not decide between subtle make-up or stronger tones, a color gradient may be just what you’re looking for. The eyelid is on the inside rather skin-colored or slightly shiny make-up and runs out darker and darker towards the outside. So the make-up looks natural with the eyes open and looking down, the color emphasis is clearly visible.

Focus on the lips

If you do not want to make up your eyes so much and are satisfied with a bit of eyelash curling and eyelash curling, you can give your lips a healthy pink color. Which tone suits your skin type, surely your make-up artist knows.

However, the lip color should not be too greasy (for example, poppy or cherry). It is hard to fix a strong lipstick and an absolute catastrophe, if the clothes or the veil got a bit off.

White eyeshadow – why not?

Depending on whether it fits the type, a white eye shadow can be a real highlight and is especially suitable for your own wedding.

In general, if you like an idea, be sure to try it out with the make-up artist and get some tips. You have to feel comfortable with it.

Dare to color when make-up

If you have a certain wedding color, you can also put some color into the make-up. It just looks bombastic when the eye shadow fits discreetly to the flower arrangement or to the accessories of the groom.

Important styling tips for the bride

The make-up must necessarily be photo-suitable. Optical brighteners are a no-go, because the face on photos often looks spotty.

Do not overdo it with the Foundation! If you suffer from pigment spots or impurities, you can cover them with concealer in advance, then the foundation can be quite easy. Too much Foundation not only looks artificial but also makes you older. Skin gloss or one or two spots can now be retouched by any photographer on the computer. Be sure to use water- or tear-proof eyeliner and mascara.

Tip for pimples shortly before the wedding day: Dab the appropriate place with mouthwash, leave on for a short time and repeat. This dries out impurities. Afterwards, take care of the skin as usual and do without oil-based make-up.

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